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Allison HammerYou And Me And Us
Amanda Brainerd Age of ConsentAnnie McDonnell
Amber CowieLoss Lake
Amy ImpellizeriI Know How This Ends
Ann GarvinI Like You Just Fine When You're Not Around
Ann SwanStutter Creek
Ann SwanAll for Love
Ann SwanLilac Lane
Ann SwanTelephone Road
Annabel ChaseMagic Uncorked
Aviva RosenthalThe Sunlight Zone
Barbara Claypole WhiteThe Unfinished Garden
Barbara Claypole WhiteThe Promise Between Us
Barbara Claypole WhiteEchoes of Family
Barbara DavisThe Last of the Moon Girls
Barbara JosselsohnThe Lilac House
Bette Lee CrosbyEmily, Gone
Bette Lee CrosbyMemory House
Betty Lee CrosbySpare Change
Bryn TurnbullThe Woman Before Wallis
C.H. ArmstrongThe Edge of Nowhere
Catherine Ryan HydeStay
Catherine Ryan HydeBrave Girl, Quiet Girl
Cathy LambHenry's Sisters
Cathy LambAll About Evie
Cathy LambWhat I Remember Most
Cathy LambAlmost Home
Christina McDonaldBehind Every Lie
Christina McDonaldDo No Harm
Christopher SwannNever Turn Back
Claire FullertonMourning Dove
Cynthia RuchtiMiles From Where We Started
David BellThe Request
Deanna Lynn SlettenThe Women of Great Heron Lake
Dianne JanczewskiDecoded Dog
Diane WingerThe Abandoned Girl
Diane WingerThe Daughter's Baggage
Eldonna EdwardsLost in Transplantation
Eldonna EdwardsClover Blue
Eldonna EdwardsThis I Know
Elizabeth BlackwellRed Mistress
Ellen Marie WisemanThe Orphan Collector
Hannah Mary McKinnonSister Dear
Hank Phillippi RyanThe First To Lie
Hank Phillippi RyanThe Murder List
Heather GudenkaufThis is How I Lied
Heather WebbThe Phantom's Apprentice
Heidi Mason (H.R. Mason)Nothing Hidden Ever Stays
Irene WittigAll that LingersAnnie McDonnell
Jacqueline SheehanThe Tiger In the House
Jane HealeyThe Beantown Girls
Janie ChangThe Library of Legends
Janie ChangDragon Springs Road
Janie ChangThree Souls
Jeneva RoseThe Perfect Marriage
Jennie MartsWish Upon a Cowboy
Jennifer GoldKeep Me Afloat
Jennifer PintoA Voice of My Own
Jennifer PintoUnpacking Hope
Jessica StrawserForget You Know Me
Joel ShulkinAdverse Effects
JT EllisonGood Girls Lie
Julia DahlConviction
Julie CantrellPerennials
Julie CantrellThe Feathered Bone
Julie KiblerHome For Erring And Outcast Girls
Julie ValerieHolly Banks Full of Angst
Kaira Sturdivant RoudaBest Day Ever
Karen DukessThe Last Book PartyAnnie McDonnell
Karen KatchurSpring Girls
Kate AnslingerNever Tell
Kathryn CraftThe Art of Falling
Katie TalloDark August
Kelly SimmonsWhere She Went
Kerry LonsdaleAll The Breaking Waves
Kerry LonsdaleSide Trip
Kerry Schafer (Kerry Anne King)A Borrowed Life
Kerry SchaferDead Before Dying
Kim KanoEighty and Out
Kimberly BelleDear Wife
Kimberly BelleStranger In the Lake
Kimberly BelleThree Days Missing
Kimberly BelleThe Marriage Lie
Kristy Woodson HarveyFeels Like Falling
Laura BenedictSmall Town Trouble
Laura BenedictThe Stranger Inside
Laura DrakeDays Made of Glass
Laura KempEvening in the Yellow Wood
Laura McHughThe Wolf Wants In
Laura SpinellaGhost Gifts
Laura SpinellaUnstrung
Lesley KagenEvery Now and Then
Liane CarmenWhere The Truth Hides
Lindsey Rogers Cook How to Bury Your Brother Annie McDonnell
Lisa Steinke and Liz FentonHow to Save a LifeAnnie McDonnell
Lisa UngerThe Stranger Inside
Liv Constantine The Wife StalkerAnnie McDonnell
Louise MullensBuried Sins
Lynne HugoThe Book of CarolSue
Lynne HugoThe Testament of Harold's Wife
Marina AdairRomeAntically Challenged
Mary KeliikoaDerailed
Mary Potter KenyonCalled to Be Creative
MJ PullenThe Marriage Pact
MJ PullenThe Marriage Pact Box Set
Molly Duncan CampbellThe World Came To Us
Nicola MarshBrash
Nicole BladesHave you Met NoraAnnie McDonnell
Normandie FischerThe Sea Prayers
Normandie FischerBecalmed
Patricia SandsThe Promise of Provence
Paula Treick DeBoardHere We Lie
Peggy LampmanThe Ruby of the Sea
Peggy LampmanThe Promise Kitchen
Peggy LampmanThe Welcome Home Diner
Randy Susan MeyersWaisted
Rebecca Dwight Bruff Trouble the WaterAnnie McDonnell
Rebecca HodgeWildland
Rene DenfeldThe Butterfly Girl
Rene DenfeldThe Child Finder
Robert DugoniThe Last Agent
Sharon WrayOne Dark Wish
Sharon WrayEvery Deep Desire
Sharon WrayIn Search of Truth
Skye JordanGrave Secrets
Skye JordanNo Remorse
Soniah KamalUnmarriageable
Soraya LaneThe Girls of Pearl Harbor
Soraya LaneThe Spitfire Girls
Steena HolmesThe Patient
Steena HolmesStillwater Rising
Steena HolmesThe Perfect Secret
Stephanie Dawn HrehirchukAn Accidental Awakening
Stephanie Dawn HrehirchukAwakening On Purpose
Stephanie Dawn HrehirchukNourish
Stewart LewisHappily Whatever After
Sue MeissnerThe Last Year of the War
Susan SandsNoel, Alabama
Tess ThompsonBlue Ink
Tess ThompsonDeleted: Jackson and Maggie
Tess ThompsonThe School Mistress of Emerson Pass
Thelma AdamsBittersweet Brooklyn
Thelma AdamsThe Last Woman Standing
Tiffany Yates Martin (Phoebe Fox)A Little Bit of Grace
Tiffany Yates MartinIntuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing