First off – thank you everyone for being so patient with me! 9 days of vacation has set me off schedule!

When I posted a request for the cookie for week 3 … Candy White recommended Snickerdoodles! The moment I read the description … “cinnamon sugar cookies…with crispy edges and chewy centers” I was sold (seriously … sugar cookies with chewy centres…come on!).

Now – I’ll be honest. I have not made these! I just had a root canal along with a crown added today, so baking is not high on the ‘to do’ list…but I will make these. What about you? Do you think you will? Have you ever tried Snickerdoodles before? Do you like them? Hate them? Make them every year or are you like me and have never made them but always wondered what they’d taste like?

Special thanks to Candy White and Mrs. Sigg’s Snickerdoodle recipe from AllRecipes.


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