>Belonging is an inert need within all of us. As writers, it’s also a necessity. There are so many benefits to joining a writing group/organization – no matter what your genre is. Yep, it can be pricey, but the benefits outweigh the cost (in most cases). If you are a ‘newbie’ writer or even if you have 5 novels saved in a special folder and you’ve yet to land an agent, let me strongly recommend you consider joining a writing organization.

I was amazed at the various writing organizations out there. No matter what genre you write – there’s a group for you to call home. If you want. And you should want. Trust me. I know.

But they’re so expensive...” (yes, I can hear that whine). Yep. Some are. So then look at what that group offers. I bet with the price comes some fantastic opportunities for you. Exclusive contests only members can join, critique groups, conferences, emails, support, beta readers, courses … the list can go on and on and on.

I strongly believe in being a part of a writing organization. The amount of feedback and growth in my life as a writer has vastly improved since I realized I’m not alone in this journey. I’ve attended a conference and recently found a group right here in my city that is HUGE. I’m so excited to attend their monthly meetings. As I grow as a writer, I am also finding out where my strengths and weakness’ lie. I started out as an inspiration writer back in ’05, but now – it’s women’s fiction. It wouldn’t make sense for me to join a sci/fi group or even a crime writers group.

I’ve put a lot of research into this – wanting to ensure I found a group that suits my needs as a writer. Ask some of my betas – I pepper them with questions about the groups they’ve joined. I even talked one to join a group with me – how fun will that be to go to meetings together!

What groups to you belong to? I’ve found a few and listed them below.  Did I miss yours? Let me know and I’ll add it!

RWA (Romance Writers of America) – and yes – it’s not just for romance writers, go figure!  
Sisters in Crime
Kiss of Death/Mystery & Suspense Writers (OMG it’s RWA too)
Crime Writers Canada
The Author’s Guild
ACFW – American Christian Faith Writers
The Word Guild – Canadian Christian Writers Group
CANSCAIP – Ya and Kids