Every second Wednesday I’ll be taking part in the “Indie Life” where I’ll be writing about the …well, the Indie Life. (go figure).

As soon as I saw this idea over at the Indelibles I knew I was in. I love talking about the indie life but I know that not everyone here is an author or interested in what it’s like to be indie … so I try not to focus on that too much. But now, every Wednesday will be about the Indie Life.

One thing I am learning about this journey is that my focus needs to change. In 2012 I was all about building a name, getting my book known, creating an income so that I could live my dream and have it bless my family. I thought it would take longer than it did – and trust me, I’m very grateful for the opportunities that came my way in 2012.

But 2013 has to be different. There are no other options. Career expectations have changed. I need to focus on writing more – it’s no longer a choice but a necessity. I now have ‘real’ deadlines that aren’t self inspired. I need to stop ‘playing’ with my writing and be focused – and setting my goals and being held accountable to them will help me with this.

I’m also wanting to stop focusing on the amount of books sold to instead growing my readership. I want to focus on my fans, to listen to my readers and shift my priorities. So 2013 is going to be reader focused. I’m in the middle of redesigning my website with this in mind. I’ve also changed some goals within the past month so that I can keep this front and center.

So, how do you change your focus?

In ways, it’s hard to know how and when to change it. Do you wait until you’ve ‘made it’, till you deem yourself a ‘success’? Do you have a set amount of $$ you want to make, or amount of books sold or even amount of books published?

Don’t wait! Do it now! 

I’m going to suggest you change your focus right away. No matter where you are on your indie journey – whether you’ve published 1 book or 10 or you’re only working on your first novel and haven’t published yet – your focus should be on your readers instead of the bottom line. Why? Your marketing strategies change when you focus on your readers. Trust me. You’re not going to be desperately tweeting every couple of hours “buy my book” even if you do it in a sneaky way. You’ll instead be thinking of how you can engage that reader who emailed you about your book … and see how you can keep them engaged and on board with you as an author.

So tell me … are you reader focused or book focused? Is it working for you?

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