It’s cold. I’m freezing and since I’m wearing a scarf and mitts indoors, I’m craving soup. Homemade soup to be exact.

Now – you’d think making soup wasn’t rocket science. And for most folks, apparently it’s not. Unless you’re me.

I can follow a recipe. I can even follow the directions my friends and family give me on facebook. But I swear there is a kitchen gnome in my house who likes to push my buttons and ruin most of the dishes I make. I swear it!

But I’m cold. My fingers are numb and all I can think about is that spoon of hot chicken soup as I bring it up to my lips. The smell – heavenly. The taste – perfect. And I want it. And while I know I could bribe my neighbour who happens to make the best soup I’ve ever tasted make me a pot … I’m a bit of a stubborn woman and am determined to learn to conquer the soup curse in my house!

I’m not that bad of a cook. I swear! Pinkie promise and all that jazz. But it says something when my youngest daughter will often say ‘Dad makes it better’ even when he’s never made it before. Or worse – when she says ‘Grandma makes it better’ except the last time Grandma made it for her was over two years ago.

What’s even worse is that it’s almost guaranteed to taste better once my husband ‘fixes it’ for me. Grrrr….

Needless to say – I’m on my third pot of soup in as many weeks. I figure practice makes perfect and one of these days it’ll turn out tasting like actual soup and not water or something worse. Here’s wishing me luck!

And yes … if you have any soup making secrets that are fool-proof … feel free to leave them in the comments. I promise not to breathe a word of your ‘secret recipe’ … 😉