When I’m stressed I will do one of two things.
1. Eat chocolate
2. Make chocolate

Today is no different. Of course, the stress and the need to make chocolate work well hand in hand today since it’s my youngest’s birthday. She’s 9 – so hard to believe! And she wants a chocolate cake – not so hard to believe (she is my child after all).

The stress comes in from having to deal with my oldest daughter’s school. She’s in grade 7 but is treated like a grade 5 normally and now – as if she is in kindergarten. Now, I’m not a teacher. I’m only speaking from a parents perspective. And as her mother – I know how frustrating she can be. She’s 13 – which means hormones are playing a part in her every day life. I’m trying to keep a cool head (and not write a book titled “13 ways to kill your child and get away with it” like a friend suggested – therapy writing only – not reality), but it’s hard.

Coming from a teacher’s perspective – I can only image how difficult and trying it must be to have a class of 13 year olds all going through these changes. I can understand that you would get frustrated. I can relate to wanting to lash out.

But you can’t. Or you shouldn’t. Who’s the adult here? Not my 13 yr old, that’s for sure.

Sending my child, in grade 7 down to the kindergarten class as a form of humiliation is NOT acceptable. NOT. Under ANY circumstances. This is only the last incident in a string of other incidents. (sigh) And you wonder why my daughter feels bullied by her teacher?

Do you see my stress? It’s why I’m enjoying making buttercream frosting today with whipping cream. And why I’m on my second batch cause the first tasted so good! I have an email written that I want to send to the teacher and the principal and would love to include the school board … but I’m waiting.

Waiting for the buttercream frosting to calm me down so that I can rewrite my harsh words and sound like the adult I should be.

Oh – and the icing …. I’d share a picture with you but then you’d all be witnesses to how much of it I’ve actually eaten – since the indents are still visible ๐Ÿ™‚