>You do remember that The Master is being released on Monday, right?

Instead of having a chocolate trail this week, I figured I’d just share my own. I have some fun treats scheduled for next week – so be ready. I believe chocolate was the prize of choice:)

Below is a treat for you – from The Master. I made a promise to myself to always have chocolate in every story I write. I think I accomplished that. Tell me what you think?

After everything was said and done, Madison was in heaven.

The dessert table looked scrumptious. Every type of chocolate delicacy known to women had to be on this table and it was all she could do not to fill a plate. The chocolate aroma in and of itself was enough to…

“Oh, just take one. You know you want it,” a male voice teased her.

Madison jumped, startled, and hugged her small notebook close to her chest. Her assistant, Josh Brown, smirked as he reached to steal a piece of heaven from the table.

“Don’t you dare, there’re too many guests around.” She slapped his hand and forced her lips into mock frown.

“Honey, they all think I’m a guest anyway,” Josh shrugged his small shoulders and peered up at her under his black framed glasses. A sneaky smile spread across his face as he grabbed a mini chocolate cream puff and popped it into his mouth.

“Have you found our elusive host yet? Who is this guy anyway?” Josh licked tidbits of cream off his fingers as he glanced around the room.

“No. I’ve asked some of the staff he provided, but they only said he would make himself available when the timing was right. Whatever that means?” She shrugged her shoulders. She’d dealt with plenty of strange customers in the past, but this one cut the cake. Never had she had a host so adamant to remain in the background as this one.

“As long as he signs the necessary papers and gives me a moment to speak to him, it doesn’t really matter. I would like to thank him though. Without this location…” She angled her body so she could look out over the crowd behind them.