How many of you cringed when you read?

Submission isn’t an easy place to be. It hurts. It tests our patience. It tests our faith in ourselves and in our writing.

Submission sucks.

And yet – without it, we’d be lost. Right? If you never submitted, you would never get anywhere as a writer. Never find an agent. Never find a publisher. Never find that book deal.

Submission is beneficial.

It’s the stepping stones to achieving our dreams. Whether in life as a person or in our writing career. (I know – you were probably wondering which direction I was going with this whole submission topic, right?)

So tell me – how has the submission process helped you as a writer?

I’m still in the submission process. I have a novel out to a publisher and agents still. The waiting is torturous!

Oh … and Alyssa and Nicole – thanks for the cupcake links! You both win a copy of The Blindfold 😉

Did ya hear – I have a book out 🙂