I’m stuck. In a rut. And I can’t see over the edges.

Have you ever felt that way?

I think there are four major ‘seasons’ in a writer’s life.

1.   Spring – the budding of new life is there when you start a new project. You’re excited about the possibilities. It’s all you can talk about. All you can focus on. Watch out world – you’ve got the next best NY Times seller just itchin’ to get out.

2.   Summer – it’s hot. You’re sweaty. You enjoy the occasion breeze of inspiration when it hits, but you are in the dead-dog of summer with your story. Your sloughing through all the plots that may or may not work, your characters prove to be more interesting than you originally thought or even wanted and there are some days when it’s just too dang hot to do anything – you lose energy, focus and sometimes passion because the ‘heat’ is too much.

3.   Fall – ahhh – the sweet breeze, cooler stress levels – you made it through the hard times with your story and you are at the finish point. You know when you type The End that you still have revisions, but you’re okay with that. You plough through. Get it tip-top shape. You love your story and can’t wait for your betas to love it too.

4.   Winter – everything is done. Dead. Gone. You’ve sent out your story to your betas and now you’re waiting. And waiting. Maybe you’ve sent your story to agents or even editors and you’re waiting. You know you should be starting on a new story, but the thought of sitting down and thinking about a new plot produces a huge sigh and you turn towards the hot chocolate instead. You’re not ready. You need a break. But your fingers are twitching and you feel almost guilty for not writing something.

Can you see yourself in one of those ‘seasons’? Where are you? I’m at the winter point and let me tell you – it’s cold! I have 3 stories out and I’m waiting for my editors to get back to me with edits. I WANT to work on another story but everything I attempt to plot doesn’t appeal to me. The guilt is there – I should be writing, but the blinders are off and I can see the destroyed house I’ve ignored the past month due to deadlines. I SHOULD be cleaning. But I WANT to write.


Know what though? I’m a bit of a sadist. I love this ‘season’. It means I’ve grown. It means that writing is such a part of my life now that it’s no longer a hobby for me. My passion (can you tell I love the topic of passion) manifests itself no matter what season of writing I’m at.

So tell me, where are you right now?

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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