Seeing your passion in action is exciting. Knowing that you have control of how your passion is manifested is exhilarating.

I recently tweeted that small pubs have never been on my radar in regards to publishing. I’m happy with epubs and self pub. I have two more stories coming out this year (so far) with epubs and at least 2 more self pub titles to be released.

Eden Baylee is awesome. I say this because she is always there with advice, with help and with awesome follower love. So when she directed me to this blogpost … if I could give this girl a kiss, I would!

What do you think? Is small house publishers on your radar?

Self-publish or small publishing house? How to decide I’ve had two questions recently about small publishers. First, Stacy Green: ‘Do you think self-publishing is a better option for new authors than a small publisher whose focus isn’t solely on the next bestseller?’ Also Tahlia Newland: My agent is waiting for the last 3 big publishers she queried for my book to get back to her. If no one wants it, it’s just small publishers left. I’m thinking I’d rather ebook self-publish than go for a small publi … Read More

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