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A Gift For you From Tosca Lee

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will recognize the name Tosca Lee. I'm a huge fan...and by huge I mean...she's actually an author I stalked until she recognized me by name! ( might think I'm joking but trust me, I'm not.) She has a new release out today and I can't wait to climb into bed and start reading it! It's release day for Tosca Lee and "A Single Light"! Grab your copy! A gift for you! I rave about how amazing my readers are and Tosca is such a sweetheart - she's...

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Trust Me: A Novel You WANT to Read

Normally when someone says 'trust me' you know right away you shouldn't. But when it comes to Hank Phillips don't need to worry. I really want to tell you about this book I have LOVED and how it's on sale...but I don't want you to miss out of the important information at the bottom either... Trust Me is one of those reads you'll want to do in one sitting - but won't be able to because there's so much going on your brain will need to catch up. I forced myself to slow down as I turned...

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5 Steps to Changing How You Write

For years I believed I could only write one way. I believed my brain worked better between certain hours, using one specific writing program and that it took me a certain length to write a book. Sound familiar? 6 months ago my writing scheduled changed due to life. I didn't have the time anymore to sit in front of a computer screen and wait for the words to come. I knew that if I wanted to maintain my writing schedule, I had to be open to change...and that meant changing how I write. I love...

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Friday Reads: The Escape Room

An escape room challenge that turns deadly. I was excited to begin reading this book the moment it hit my kindle - the concept caught my attention, I fell in love with the cover and let's face it...the idea of being stuck in an elevator with people I know better than to trust...I was sold! Chilling, entertaining, seat's all there in this amazing thriller by debut author Megan Goldin. Imagine being stuck in an elevator with your boss and colleagues and realizing your life could be...

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An Author’s Secret Fear

From the moment a story idea blooms in our heart and plays out in our mind, there's a small thread of fear that takes seed in a place we don't want to acknowledge. Writing is hard. Publishing is even harder. If you were to ask your favorite author the part of the process they like the least - they might admit it's those moments before someone reads your book. When I'm writing a story - the thought of how readers will react is always there, at the back of my mind, but I'm focused on the plot,...

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How To Write A Book Proposal

There is nothing more daunting than sending the novel you've been writing into the world. It doesn't matter if it's your first novel or your tenth. Trust me! Once, I thought writing a novel was the hardest thing ever. But I was wrong. It's the proposal that's hard. Harder than the novel. Harder than the query. Harder than this post (which really isn't hard at all). You've written the novel. You've shopped it to agents. Now it's time to sell it to an editor and all those dreams you've placed on...

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Steena Reads: A Family of Strangers

Could a lifetime of memories…be a lifetime of lies? I love anything when it comes to secrets - especially when they are lifelong secrets that impact families. There's something about the idea - how they impact everyone around us, ourselves and the lives we lead - it's like candy to me. Suggest a book that deals with lies and secrets and I'm all in! A Family of Strangers is the perfect beach read! Emilie Richards crafted a web I couldn't entangle myself from in her latest novel - A Family of...

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July Sales – just in time for my birthday

My birthday is in just a few weeks and I was thinking about placing a book or two on sale but my publisher beat me to the punch and placed ALL of my books I've published with them on sale! That's right - ALL 8 OF THEM! (insert a woot woot here if you'd like!) Let the birthday celebrations begin... Headed on vacation? A road trip? Plan on sitting on the beach? Why not pick up one of my novels while they're such a great price. Head on over to Amazon to find a novel you haven't read yet. Ps...if...

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You Need To Read: Dear Wife

Who wants a new book hangover? Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle. This is the book hangover selection of the month! It's also now available to order! Click the link, buy the book (if you haven't already). Oh My SWEET JELLY BEANS. This book was good. If you read my original review when I first finished this book, you'll recall how much I love this book. Here's a few of my 'no secret' things when it comes to this author and this book: I fan girl over Kimberly Belle on a regular basis. She's probably...

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What are you reading?

I leave tomorrow to visit my daughter and do some exploring with her - you can follow along on my travel blog - Steena Travels for updates if you'd like. While I'm gone, I'll be reading some ARCs on my kindle but I'm really excited about the books I'll be listening to. A Discovery of Witches - I downloaded it via audible and am 3/4 of the way through and downloaded book 2 as well. I have a very long flight with a 5 hr layover before landing in London to see my daughter so I'll have lots of...

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