A little over two years ago I started on a novel that literally ripped my heart to shreds. A year ago last summer I started on my query journey. Within a year and a half, I’ve landed a lot of requests for fulls, quite a few revision requests and too many “we love it but…” rejections.

Does that mean I give up? No. Since I started to query, I also discovered a joy forwriting novella romances. I’ve epubbed 2 novellas and 1 short story in an anthology and self published 5 novellas and 2 short stories. I didn’t give up.

Within the last few months I’ve had a lot of heart to heart talks with myself over coffee and chocolate. And I came to a decision. I love being indie. I love the control, the sense of fulfilment, the learning curve that I’ve experienced. I love it so much that I’ve decided to self pub my ‘heart’ story.

We all have one of those, don’t we? A story that we put our heart into 100%, a story that hits close to home, is so important to you? I’m not sure if I’ll ever experience the feelings for another book like I do this one. (Almost sounds like a new mother …. scary).

I’m currently working on a cover right now with a designer. I had a professional photographer take the shot for me and I love it. It’s perfect. I’m waiting on final edits and then I’ll start the formatting.

My story? It’s a women’s fiction. Not romance. Amazing, huh? Something different, but I think when you read it – you’ll see why this is ‘my’ book.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a change in some of my posts. I’ll still be talking about passion and writing and supporting other writers. But I’ll also be focusing on the heart issue of my story. Missing children.

I may even have something ‘exciting’ to share. Hint: I might be teaming up with a local charity for missing children with 1/2 the proceeds of all my sales going to them. Cool huh!