My fingers are itchin to write. Or should I say type? I’m not a pen and paper type of girl unless its writing outlines. I need to hear the tap tap tap on the keyboard – it’s become music to my ears.

But that music is silent. Still. The only noise I hear is the drip drip drip of the kitchen faucet.
My harddrive crashed and I’ve been without my computer since Wednesday of last week. It’s horrible. Really – it is! Thankfully I have my iphone – I can still grab my emails and go on twitter, but that’s about it. My story has been stagnant for the past 6 days and I hate it.
Amazingly though, I’ve found ways to occupy myself. Angry Birds is probably the number one time waster. I’ve started and finished a few books, played some Wii games with the kidlets and even baked some cookies.
But I’m ready for my computer to come back. I need to write. NEED to write.

You get it? Right? Please tell me I’m not the only crazy writer out there 😉