Raise your hand if you are a writer/author who wants to be able to write full time. Are your hands raised? Mine is.

Writing is my passion, my drive and my dream. But there needs to be a practicality to this dream. I have a friend who wanted to be a doctor since she was a child—and now she is. There shouldn’t be a difference between her job and mine; we both have a passion, and we both work hard to see that passion become a reality. However, most people think it’s okay for her to make money while I’m expected to be a ‘starving artist’.

Sorry. That’s not the game I’m playing. I’m a writer. An author. One who does this for a living—to help pay bills, buy groceries and make life a little easier for my family. It’s the same as if I were back working full time at the office. No difference. Well, except for for one. This job is something I love doing.

There are so many articles and posts out there about how the average author is only making $500 month/year… I find that to be really sad. Yes, when you start out it will be like that, but then the more you write, the more your name gets out, the more people talk about your books—the more your sales will go up. That’s the way it should be.

Now, I’m not just saying it’s all about the money, cause it’s not. But, let’s be honest. From the moment you upload your first book to when you receive your first check, the feeling is intoxicating. Being an indie author can be life changing—I know for me it is. Writing is my passion. It’s my drive. It’s my living. It’s how I pay my bills and feed my children; I quit my full time job to take virtual admin job at home so that I could focus more on my writing—so that it can become my full time job. And I’m excited that this is happening.

There are so many wonderful resources out there that show us authors that it is possible to make a living on this journey. I’ve listed a few of them below. You can check them out monthly.

There is a group I strongly suggest you join if you are an indie author. It’s IndieRomanceInk, and the wealth of knowledge you can receive from there is fabulous.


As of May 15, 2012 I have officially sold over 10,000 copies this year! WOW! The precise number is 11,173. This does NOT include any free promotions that I have ran this year.