>My oldest daughter turned 12 yrs old yesterday.

I had a hard time with that. Not only do I have to accept that she’s growing up, but that so much time has gone by. Time that I’ve wasted off and on when I shouldn’t. My daughter is almost a teenager, which means she’s that much closer to an adult. AUGH.

But it also means that she needs to know how to make life choices to the best of her ability. She’s not going to know how to do that unless I show her.

And I can’t show her unless I make the decision to do so.

I made a cake for her birthday. I started it at 9:30pm the night before. I thought I had a cake mix to use so I wasn’t stressing about it – yes, I left it to last minute. It ended up I didn’t have a cake mix. So I had to do the one thing I hate to do.

Make a homemade birthday cake.

Now – don’t shake your head at me. I can make MANY things homemade and they are delicious. Cake – not so much. I’ve NEVER made a cake that turned out. NEVER.

But I made the cake. And my middle daughter decorated it – that was her gift to her sister – she made a specatuclar horse design. We all loved it. But … I went out and bought a second cake – JUST IN CASE.

Where’s the light bulb moment right?

Here it is.

I didn’t trust myself enough. I gave up too easily. I bought a second cake, took away from the awesomeness of the real cake all because I seconded guessed myself. I didn’t think I could actually make a cake that would turn out.

And guess what? IT DID. It tasted better than the store bought.

I realized that I’ve done this, not only with my baking (and that’s a huge deal) but also with my writing. I have works in progress that I’ve given up on because I didn’t think I could do them. I didn’t think I could write the story that needed to be written – I gave up. I gave in. I allowed my fear to overcome my passion.

Don’t do this. Please.

Today is a new day. And it’s a day where I’m not giving in to fear. Of anything. My passion will always be first and foremost. In everything.

What about you?