We all tell lies. We all have secrets
– some are deadlier than others!

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This is a special story, close to my heart for reasons I can’t explain, but once you read it, you’ll understand. 

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We all have regrets. 

Being identical twins doesn’t make you identical in every way. Paige was tired of always waiting for Jessica and even though their Dad’s number one rule was you don’t walk home alone, Paige was not going to be late for work again all because Jessica was flirting with yet another boy at school. It was time for Paige to put herself first, regardless of the consequences.

We all make mistakes. 

Since her sister’s disappearance that day, for the last 12 years, Paige has devoted her life to helping find other missing children. By working with an organization to find these children, Paige always thinks she’s one step closer to finding Jessica, until one day, she actually is. Several tips through the hotline come in, one about a smuggling ring right beneath their noses, and another about someone fitting Jessica’s description being sighted, and it’s all Paige can do to follow protocol and let someone else take the lead. 

We all keep secrets.

One call after another leads Paige and her team down a rabbit hole, revealing secrets that hit close to home and leave more questions than answers. 

For instance, why was Detective Lindsay, someone who has been helping Paige search for Jessica, found at the scene of a smuggling ring, moments before that tip came in? Not just that, but why was Brian, a volunteer on Paige’s team, found in this house with the girls? Who is Detective Meri Amber and what is she doing in Paisley Valley? 

And who is the mysterious woman brought into the hospital, and why does everyone keep telling her she’s finally safe when she knows for a fact, she’s now in even more danger. Someone is trying to kill her and her son is now missing, too.

We all tell lies.

Told through the eyes of multiple characters from multiple timelines, Lies We Tell Ourselves, travels into the darkest parts of people’s souls as you wonder if anyone is capable of telling the truth.


Lies and secrets collide in this page-turning suspense you won’t be able to put down, written by the NYT bestselling author who brought you Finding Emma and The Perfect Secret.

“In The Perfect Secret, Steena Holmes has created one of the most fascinating protagonists and plots I’ve ever read. Holmes weaves a twisted, diabolical web of deceit, manipulation, and murder that grips from the very first line. Brilliantly constructed and creepy, with a truly shocking ending, this is a psychological suspense that will blow your mind.”

Author Samantha M. Bailey

#1 Bestselling Author of WOMAN ON THE EDGE

“Dark, twisted and packed full of suspense, with a protagonist you’ll root for and creepy villains you’ll love to hate, The Perfect Secret is a diabolical, masterfully told tale. Steena Holmes certainly knows how to grip her readers from the very beginning, and keeps them guessing until the satisfying end. I loved every page and this book isn’t to be missed.”

Author Hannah Mary McKinnon

Bestselling Author of SISTER DEAR & THE REVENGE LIST