Today I’m having to take deep breaths. Deep. Deep. Breaths. Nice and slow.


Finding Emma is missing on Amazon. It was on there. People were buying. I even had 5 absolutely amazing reviews.

And now it’s all gone.

My main character – Megan – takes deep breaths and counts to ten when she’s in stressful situations or feels like she’s going to have a melt down. Like when it was Emma’s birthday and she had to speak at an assembly at her kids school. Or like when she thought she saw Emma … (wait … did you read the story yet? I don’t want to spoil it).

But … right now, I’m counting. Slowly.

One. Two. Three.

Please Amazon. Please bring this book back. Please wave that magical want and unveil the cloak of invisibility on my novel.

Please find Emma for me. Please.