>I’m not one to follow the process with much. I have no choice when it comes to work since there are check lists to follow and if I don’t sign on the dotted line then there’s trouble to pay. But in most anything else, I have to admit, I hate following the process.

I love to bake (surprise surprise). I have a habit of glancing at the recipe, figuring I ‘got it’ and then I add it my own little splashes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But over the years, I have learned (albeit the hard way) that with some recipes, the process really does matter.

I made some cake pops today (bear with me, I will talk about writing). If you don’t know what they are …
visit Bakerella but be warned, you’ll get hooked (cause I am). The first time I discovered Cake Pops, I decided to make them on my own – I glanced at her recipe, figured it wasn’t too hard and went at it. They did NOT turn out like this


 Instead they turned out like this:

Now, bear in mind, while they don’t “look” the same they look “good”. But under all that melted chocolate was a cake ball that had too much icing and tasted gross. I didn’t follow the process. And there is a process.
Much like with writing. Right? There is a process, as much as we all grumble and complain, there is a way that works when you write a novel, short story, article … anything. And if you don’t follow the process – it’s noticeable. Agents will take one look at your query and KNOW you didn’t do your homework. Your critters will start to read your story and beg you to rework it … and unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit it – this process is necessary. 
Have you found that? Have you realized just how necessary that process is with writing a novel? Do you sometimes find yourself shaking your fist and wishing you could ignore the rules and just write how you know, but then realize that you really can’t? Sure, sure, there have been writers who ignored the process and they’re on the New York’s bestsellers list. But how many of them are debut authors?