The YA world is about to implode.
Jonathan Koranth posted on his blog JK Rowling Will Self-Pub Harry Potter Ebooks .

That’s huge. For some people. For others I’m sure they are sticking out their hand and saying ‘welcome to the club’.
For a long time now all I’ve been hearing is that epublishing isn’t something that works in the YA world. A lot of YA writers I know won’t even think about dipping their toes into epubs. Not because they are scared of it, or think it’s the wrong way to publish (or maybe they do) but because it’s not something that has taken off, been successful for any large name YA writers.
Until now.
So now what? Will epublishers start to open up the ranks and invite YA manuscripts for submission? An industry that is successful mainly for romance and erotica? Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe then women’s fiction can get on board too.
What are your thoughts about this?