xmas card

It’s snowing and blowing and there’s a chill in the air as I sit in my new home and stare out the windows.

All this snow made me think of Christmas and ‘not’ ready I am for it. I have friends who post how many Saturday’s left and I shudder – there’s still so much to do before I can even start thinking about getting ready for the holidays. There’s boxes to unpack, a house to set up, a book to write…and then I realized that I was focusing more on the ‘act’ of getting ready for something that should just ‘be’.

When I think on that – the first thing that comes to mind are Christmas cards. In my ‘secret society’ we were talking about how much we loved to get cards and how bad I was at sending them 🙂 But this year will be different. I’m determined to send out my cards no matter what – after all, I have a whole box full of cards that I buy yearly but forget to send.

If you’d like a Christmas card from me – click on the sign up image, or here or even the link on the side bar. Just fill our your info and voila, you’ll have a card sent to you in December. I’m getting some special ones created just to send out … I hope you’ll like them.