If you’ve been following me on social media, you know October has been a bit…busy.

Not only was I neck deep in revisions for my latest novel, but I fell in love two weeks ago and if I haven’t been cuddling him, I’ve been sharing photos of him!

Introducing Charlie…

Isn’t he adorable? He was 10 weeks and 2.5lbs in this photo! He’s now 12 weeks has all that puppy energy!

Charlie is a Pomshi (Pomeranian/Shitzu) and loves to cuddle and give kisses and whimpers when he’s tired and is ready for a nap.

He’s been in our family for 2 weeks now but he’s stolen my heart and I can’t imagine not having him on my life. I know so many of you understand!

My family teases me that I’m spoiling him. It’s so hard not to though!

He doesn’t make writing easy though. So far, when he sees me pull out my laptop, he likes to attack it and then go after my fingers as they dance along the keyboard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written “sdjfsk” in a new story I’m plotting out!

I was worried I was sharing too many photos on social media so I created his own Instagram acct and he has a lot of followers so far! Crazy! Lol

I have a feeling he’s about to become a prominent character in a story – what do you think?

Ps…this photo about sums up my life lately! All I want to do is cuddle and play with this little guy…

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