Beta readers. They are your lifeline. For a writer, they are the next best thing to getting an agent. 

Why? Because they go through your chapters with a fine tooth comb and no matter what will love you after the process too!  Your writing will thrive, increase and garner that agents attention due to your Betas.

Have you thanked them lately? 

On Thursday I met one of my betas – Stina. She’s freakin’ fantastic. I love her to bits – enough so that I even shared my chocolate with her (remember my post about finding that little chocolate shoppe? Well, the chocolate is THAT good!) The chocolate was my way to say Merry Christmas and THANK YOU (just in case I didn’t say it girly – THANK YOU … I LOVE YOU … YOU ROCK).

To my other betas – when we meet I will gladly share my chocolate with you (and you should realize the honor since I don’t share my chocolate with just anyone). The day I get an agent – it will be because of YOU. Yes – I wrote the words, but you helped me to perfect them, to go deeper than I thought possible.