Recently my city went through the devastating experience of a flood that literally rocked our city and almost brought us to our knees. Almost. Our main downtown core was closed down and one of the buildings suffered a lot of damage – mainly, the Library (it was only one of the thousands of buildings to suffer damage and loss).

We (my family) are in the midst of packing and one of the things I’ve hated to pack the most were my books – mainly because every time I go through my bookshelves, I realize I need to get rid of some books before I can get more. Normally I drop them off a the second hand store or a charity or give them away on Facebook, but this time, I’m going to give my books to the local library to help replenish their stock.

I love my books. Each one I bought or picked up for a specific reason – I love the author, I know the author (personally) or I fell in love with the series. I tend to get a little stressed when I have to sort through the books and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I never buy a paper or hard copy of a book that I won’t read over and over…if I’m going to spend my money on a paper book then it’s going to be one I love.

But this time, the idea of cleaning out my shelves excites me. Not only is it a fresh start and means I get to replenish again (and who doesn’t like that idea!) but it means I’m going to be helping my local library…and I’m totally psyched for that!

When your shelves overflow with books, what do you normally do with them?