>I found Elle Strauss today and saw this blogfest that she is doing. What fun! I recently posted my first 250 words over at Miss Snarks Secret Agent and received some feedback. I was surprised at some of the comments – so I’d love to see if you feel the same way 😉  And if you have 250 words to include on the blogfest, make sure you sign up first but then leave me a comment and I’ll go and check yours out too 🙂

Here is my novel that is out on multiple submissions right now – Emma’s Heaven.

Two years ago, Megan forgot to breathe. Ever since, her life had been on pause. If there were a rewind option, she’d wish this day away.
With her eyes closed, Megan stood in front of the closed bedroom door and counted to five.  Her fingers gripped the doorknob that she hesitated to open. When she did, she was blinded by the bright light that streamed through the open window. It wasn’t a day for the sun to shine, not in this room.
She lowered her head and tiptoed into the room. She needed to close the curtains that billowed with the breeze. Who would have opened the window? The girls? Peter? It didn’t make sense. No one came into this room anymore. No one but her.
Megan wanted, no, she needed to be shrouded in darkness today. Especially in this room. At the foot of the princess bed located in the middle of the room, Megan’s attention was caught by an item on the floor.  
An envelope lay at her feet.
She picked it up and turned it over. Her eyes stung as she stared at the bold, cursive writing that stood out against the white paper.
Happy 5th Birthday Emma. Love, Daddy.
Tears fell onto the envelope, white smudges soaked through the paper.
       She’d forgotten to get a card.
A car door slammed outside. Megan walked to the window and saw Peter’s car in the driveway. She leaned her head against the window and sighed. It would get easier, she was told, by those who didn’t understand. Easier for whom? For those who forgot? For those whose child was still safe in their arms? Life didn’t get easier. She just got tougher, stronger, more determined than ever not to give up. It wasn’t fair. But then, when was life ever fair?