I’ve got Christmas Markets on the brain…

One of my favorite trips that I've ever taken was to experience the German Christmas Markets a few years ago while writing Abby's Journey (have you read it yet?). I loved it so much that I haven't stopped thinking about it. I was only able to visit a handful of them...

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Blog Tour with an Epic Giveaway

I am so excited to partner with Silver Dagger Tours for the release of The Forgotten One! All month long blogs will be sharing this book and leaving reviews and I'm excited for readers to discover my new release! But even more so....the giveaway! need to...

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Steena Reads: Emily Carpenter

You know when you read a book and there's a little giggle inside of you when you finish it...a giggle that has nothing to do with how 'funny' the book was but how delicious of a read it was...even when there's death involved? (and if you say, no, you have no...

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Going Dark with New Thriller

Calgary author Steena Holmes goes dark with thriller The Forgotten Ones  It may seem strange that Steena Holmes went dark with her writing in hopes of escaping some real darkness in her life. While the Calgary-based, New York Times bestselling author has dabbled in...

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This Mom Gig is Hard

Ok. I'm about to be very real with you all. My first baby, the one who broke me (haha), who challenges me every day of her life (in a good way), who amazes me on a continual basis... She's 19 today! I'd like to repeat that. She is 19 years old today! This mom gig is...

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Friday Reads: I Wish You Happy

A little background on Kerry... Kerry Anne King is the author of the international bestselling novel Closer Home. Licensed both as an RN and a Mental Health Counselor, she draws on her experience working in the medical and mental health fields to explore themes of...

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Dear Authors…Please Stop Doing This!

When you first began writing, did you ever think you'd have to take care of building your audience at the same time? If you're anything like me, you didn't even consider the amount of work it takes to find readers, the pressure of getting noticed, how frustrating the...

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Special Excerpt for The Forgotten Ones

In two weeks my latest novel, The Forgotten Ones will be out for everyone to read! I'm so excited! So far, readers in the UK and AU and I know you will love it too. Between now and it's release, I'm going to be writing a few blog posts giving you some behind the...

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Friday Reads: Virginia Franken

A little background on Virginia... Virginia Franken was born and raised in Medway, Kent, the place where Henry the 8th sent his wives on holiday in the hope that they’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes and save him the trouble of beheading them. Most her childhood was...

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100 e-book giveaway!

Are you on Goodreads? I love to go on there and read reviews from fellow #readaholics. I also love when I find out that there are 100 ebooks of my new release The Forgotten Ones available! That's right! Right now it's for US readers only... But why not go enter? Add...

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