I think for any mother, having a child go missing is akin to living in hell.

When we are grocery shopping or in the mall and lose sight of our child, there’s an instant panic that sets in. Our hearts race, our mind considered every step we took, every face we saw and the adrenalin rush is too much at times.

I could never imagine the devastation if it were to come true.

Today it coud have. Today I coud have lost a daughter, if it wasn’t for the hand of God protecting her. I’ve always told my children that angels surround them and today is a day this has proved true.

I did not lose a daughter today because of those angels and I will forever be grateful.  Today, on a lonely walk to school by herself, my daughter was followed.  Today. In my neighbourhood. By a school.

The thought of what could have happened is enough to destroy my sanity. The thoughts of ‘what if’ continue to play over and over and over. But my husband reminded me that I can’t live in the what ifs. My post yesterday affirms this. How I respond to this fear is what is important.

How I respond will imbed itself into my daughter. She’ll remember this. She’ll take this and use it to strengthen her character.

I wrote a book that is out on submission right now about a mother trying to find her kidnapped daughter. I never want to experience that fear. That dread. I marvel at the strength of the woman who do face this. There’s too many that have find the strength.

My prayers are for them today.