I think – let me know if I’m wrong – but I think for most authors hitting one of the big ‘lists’ like USA Today or the NY Times list – well, it’s a dream, a goal that we always have ahead of us but never really truly believe we can make. Right?

If you say wrong, that’s okay. But I know for me, it was always a goal that I never thought attainable – but dream big, right?

There were a few reasons I didn’t think it possible:
1) I’m really a nobody in this huge ocean of publishing,
2) I am an indie girl at heart
3) My bestsellers are sold thru an Amazon imprint, which means they are only available as ebook on Amazon…which means no list for me.
4) Really, compared to all those who you do see on the list on a regular basis – I’m a nobody.

Sound familiar? (I hope so! Otherwise I have use issues).

Well…I was wrong. I’d forgotten one major thing about being an Indie author. That all things are possible! Just because one door closes, doesn’t mean it’s locked. More and more you can find indie authors hitting those lists and it’s becoming a regular thing to see A LOT of indie authors on those lists as well! Yes, some of those names were authors who first hit it big through traditional publishing, but not all of them!

I recently joined up with some other authors and we put together a collection – a boxed set – of romance stories. Sound familiar? You see these boxed sets all over the place right now – offering novels or novels for dirt cheap prices. Readers are loving these boxed sets and if you are in the right genre – these sets are hitting it big!

I know ours did. We hit the USA Today list twice! You can imagine the excitement when we hit…there were a few authors in the group who have been writing for years, with dozens of books out with a big publisher, a few who were sole indies who never thought they could hit this list and then someone like me who has had the sales with my books thru Amazon (Finding Emma and Emma’s Secret) but has never made the list.

Awesome. Amazing. Mind blowing. Dream Fulfilled.

So, can indie authors make the big lists? Sure can! How? Think outside the box (or in the box, in my case).