IndieLife7You know you’re an indie author when:

  • your nightmares consist of category changes on Amazon
  • you spend hours on stock image sites looking for that perfect image only to find it on someone else’s cover
  • you belong to a gazillion indie loops and groups
  • you worry you’ll miss the train as it leaves the NA/YA/erotic etc station
  • you  keep submitting your book to BookBub and can’t figure out why they are rejecting you
  • your agonizing over the whole ‘presale’ issue
  • you’re constantly checking your sales
  • you worry you’re not writing fast enough
  • you really want that agent/editor/publisher to notice your book has hit the top 10 on amazon while in the same breath you wonder if you still want that agent/editor/publisher to notice you
  • you dream (or are living the dream) of writing full time and are getting paid for it

Does any of that sound familiar? Did you find yourself nodding a few times?

A lot of the above can be said for traditional authors too. I think as writers we all share the same type of nightmares and fears and craziness. We all feel like we’re missing the train (or fear it’s so far ahead of you that you will soon lose sight of it) and I’m sure we all worry that we’re not writing fast enough for the market.

And you know what? We probably aren’t. It is possible that we will miss that train. You might decide now to jump on the NA caboose only to loose your footing and fall flat on your face. It’s what you do afterwards that matters though. Will you jump up and keep writing those stories or will you try to jump on the next wave?

One thing I am slowly learning right now is that I can’t do it all. I need to slow down. I need to look deep inside of myself and find that inner peace. When I jumped on the indie train I went full throttle. I wrote novella after novella after novella and didn’t stop to think about what I was doing. I didn’t take the time to get my work edited properly in the beginning. I didn’t concern myself with where I was headed and where I wanted to go – I was so caught up in the excitement and craze and the realization that I could do this  that I started to lose sight of what it was I really wanted to do.

If I had one word of advice it would be this: slow down. If your worried that you’re missing something, if you aren’t writing fast enough, if you don’t have enough followers/readers, if you don’t have enough books up to market, if you’re not marketing, if you are and it’s not working, if your sales aren’t where they should be, if your friends are doing better than you are… STOP. Take a deep breath. Push that keyboard away, get up from your desk and take a bit of a breather. Look at what your goals are and take a hard look at where you are going.

SLOW DOWN. Enjoy the ride that you’re on. Because in all honestly – it’s a pretty awesome ride! Trust me, I know.