…the summer is over and the wasps stop wanting to play.
…when my kids go back to school and my house stays clean and quiet.
…when my house is quiet.

I don’t know about you, but this summer seemed to drag on and on and on while speed by faster than I was ready for.  It’s been busy here, we’ve been getting our house ready to list on the market, I had a conference to attend in July and I gave myself a deadline which might not have been the smartest move this summer. Oh, and I did I mention we put our house up for sale?

I’ll admit, I’m one of those women who commit to something, to many things actually, without thinking through the ramifications. Yes, I want to move. Yes, we’ve outgrown this house and it’s time. Yes, we decided to build which gave us plenty of time to get our house ready to sell, right? I knew this summer would be the summer of remodelling, of cleaning and packing, but I didn’t really grasp how crazy it would be when I include a week long conference and book needing to be written into the mix.

I don’t know how some women do it. My hat’s off to all the multi-taskers who manage their complex days without needing to break open that wine bottle (or maybe they do, but it’s when everyone is in bed and they finally get a minute of peace to themselves).

Next summer, I have to plan things a little bit differently. At least there will be no house buying/selling that might complicate matters. But I’m sure something else will pop up that throws me for a loop. Maybe I need to build a wine cellar in our basement. Oh wait…that won’t be me building it, it’ll be my husband. That’s one thing off my list and onto his 😉