One of the things I love most about being an indie author is the opportunity to surround myself with other authors who ‘get’ it. You know what I mean, right? Other authors who share the same passion as you, understand the highs and lows you experience, who know the terms when you start to talk about meta and keywords etc.

When I first started writing, I knew nothing about it. I found it difficult to find others in the same position as me. I searched for online groups to join and I found a few writing ones but they were full of people similar to me – newbies with no knowledge. I’ve always loved to surround myself with people who know more than I do…because that’s how I learn the best.

I recently came back from RWA National in Atlanta and was thrilled at the various workshops for indie authors. There was a feel in the atmosphere there – not one of desperation but rather excitement and anticipation for the present and future of the publishing world. The stigma of self publishing is dwindling away and authors are realizing that in order to be successful they need a plan – one that perhaps entails both indie and traditional publishing. While people are still going after their traditional publishing dream, they are at the same time embracing the opportunity self publishing can bring. Actually…in one panel reps from Amazon even said if they wanted to get noticed by Amazon or any of the big publishers – to self publish first. (isn’t that quite the change from a few years ago?).

So..where does all this tie in with when Indie’s join together? There is a group of some big named indie authors who have joined together to help each other find success in their journey. Together, they created a book  called The Naked Truth. I’m just starting to read it. But let me say this…when Indie’s join together, I have yet to hear of any author or group who has NOT hit the success that they have desired. You should check out the book – I plan on diving into it after I complete edits today.