You know that feeling when you begin something new – the quiver of anticipation, the nervous energy coursing through your body, the secret smiles you give yourself when an idea occurs?

That’s me lately. I handed in my finished WIP to my editor and instead of taking some time off to regroup, to clean my house, fold the laundry stacked in my basket or anything else I’d put to the side, I opened up a new file on my Scrivener and got to work.

I’m a bundle of energy as I think about my new project. I tend to lose myself in my head during this stage. I’m working on my characters, what their life is like, how they will react or not react, what they look like, where their home is, and more specifically – what does my town look like. This small town novella series that has me quite excited. It’s a town struggling to heal after a rather horrific event occurred.  I won’t share what event (yet) but just know that this is a series that will hit the heart and hard.

Since I’m a visual person, I have a map being created and I will post here, on my website for you all. I think  you’ll like this town. It’s small, sheltered and tight knit.

New projects are exciting. It’s a new adventure, new characters I get to introduce to you, new stories that I hope will linger in your heart. The first novella is scheduled for release in late September or October and I can’t wait to share it with you!