As part of the Celebrating Women week I took part in the last week of April – I’d love to announce the winner of the basket of chocolates and the Mini iPad.

But first … thank you for all the comments/stories you shared with me about the Fairy Godmother’s in your lives. It amazes me, in more ways than you can imagine the lives we all live, how different they are and yet how similar at the same time. Some of us were blessed to have these godmothers (or angels as some of you called them) come into our lives at the exact moment we needed them. And some of us were given the strength to learn to lean on ourselves without these women in our lives. The strength, the wisdom, the love that I read in all your posts touched my heart is more way that I can express.  Thank you!

Now, onto the winners!

The big winner of the iPad mini was Linda Hendrickson. She has been contacted and her prize has been sent.

The winner of the chocolate basket is Nikki Greis (@greisn1)!  Congratulations Nikki!!! 

I’ll be in touch shortly about your chocolate basket and a small gift for your the woman you told us about – your mother, a cancer survivor and a women of amazing strength and determination!

There was also an extra gift – 10 to be exact. As part of the Celebrate Women giveaway, each author was giving away 10 books to those who entered. I’ll be contact my list of within the next few days! So be on the lookout for an email from me!

Thank you everyone who entered this giveaway! I’ll be taking part of the Celebrating Women events more throughout the year, so be on the lookout. And if you haven’t liked our Facebook Page – Her Books – please do so today! That’s where more info will be posted 🙂