I’ll admit – there are times I wonder if the dreaded “D” word is a curse or a blessing.

On one hand, I love deadlines. I thrive, flourish, write my best work all while being on a deadline. I find without one, I tend to take my time writing, I will spend time on Facebook or Twitter or creating covers or promo items for myself or other people. I’ll read more blog posts, websites, check out more books online, read more books, do some baking, do more baking, find people to do coffee dates with…in other words, I tend to procrastinate without a deadline.

But on the other hand, deadlines scare me. I panic, get stressed, can’t sleep, my brain won’t shut off, it’s all I can think about … I worry incessantly that I won’t meet my deadline and then what? What if I do meet it but the story I just crafted is a piece of garbage and my editor will send it back to me demanding a rewrite. Is that even possible? I’m sure it is.

I’m under a deadline right now and with a month left to finish this book I’m finding myself in a slight panic. When I think about my word count and how behind I am, it’s almost hard to breathe. I’m drinking way too much coffee and craving way too much chocolate (if that’s even possible after gorging myself in Belgium). Can I do it? I’m sure I can. Other’s have. And I need to. The last thing I want to do is be late with this novel. I need to have it done. It must be done … you know the feeling, right?

How do you handle deadlines? Before, the deadlines were all self imposed. Now, not so much. Before, if I didn’t make my deadline I could extend it…now, that’s not possible. Well…it may be, but at this stage of my career, I’m really not going to find out.

What’s your secret in handling the dreaded “D” word? (and don’t tell me it’s to get off all social media … it’s such a fine line we walk as writers/authors).

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