(Before I start this post, I need to be honest about something…this post has taken me way too long to write…my mind keeps going blank and I forget what I’m going to say. And no, don’t laugh!) OH And the WINNER of my Day 12 post is …. (Drum Roll please) …. Judi Kensok and Marla Martenson!!! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address 🙂

I’ve officially been home for a week. It’s hard to believe my fabulous trip is over – so hard that I’m already looking at flights to go back (shhh…don’t tell my husband). There were more streets I wanted to walk down in Paris, more patisseries I wanted to discover, more pain au chocolat’s I needed to eat! And then Brugge … seriously – I think I need to rent a flat there for a week or two or three and just soak it all in and enjoy.

I was prepared for my trip – as much as I could be. I bought good shoes (next time, I need good socks…thin ones do not like your feet so much), had the right amount of outfits, should have brought a bigger bag but ended up buying one in Paris, so that was okay, had a plan for where to go and what to buy…

But what I wasn’t prepared for was the let lag coming home.

This image you see => I’m being completely serious. There is not enough coffee in this universe to sustain me so far. I can’t seem to get enough rest and I’m hearing so many different stories on how to battle jet lag that it’s driving me bonkers (although, to be honest…I’m kind of already there.). Sleep when you need to, don’t sleep, drink lots of water, eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, stop being such a wuss….you get the idea.

Here’s what I do know about jet lag. It’s worse coming home. It makes me forget the simple things – which is really REALLY bad since I tend to forget the simple things anyways – and it makes me grumpy. You know – the really tired grumpy where people tend to stay away from you kind of thing?

I’m not one for facing obstacles that are more controlling than I am. So I have a goal – to conquer this terrible thing called jet lag for one main reason … I’ve been hit by the travel bug and I want to do more. I might not be the kind of traveler who has a set itinerary and must see everything there is to see…I’m more of an ‘enjoy the day and see where it leads us and if I want to slow down, I will’ kind of person…but that’s okay – it just means that I might need to go back a few times to get it all in. And seriously – how wrong would that be? I’ve heard of people (like the author Patricia Sands) who does House Sharing … I might not be able to do that but I could see myself renting a house for a while. Oh wait … that means I have to clean and cook … no, I take that all back …I’m the type who likes to be pampered when I travel (you did see the hotels I stayed in while in Brugge and London for my last night … right?)

Okay – so apparently I tend to ramble when I’m tired too…

Tell me … what kind of traveler are you and how do you combat the dreaded jet lag?