Without my girlfriends, I’m not sure how sane I would be. 

They help keep me grounded when I’ve run out of chocolate and my hormones are out of whack.

They’ve saved my marriage more times than I could ever count.

They help me to see the beauty in myself when I get lost.

They make me feel like I’m the smartest person in the world – even if they thought of the idea first 🙂

They understand my need for chocolate, to vent, to fall apart and to share my news. They know me for who I am, they love me despite all my warts and they “get me” when I don’t even know who I am at times.

Sometimes it’s hard finding girlfriends like this. Growing up, I had two close friends that I wouldn’t have traded for the world, until the world became bigger than we’d expected. We biked the countryside together, licked ice cream while boy watching on the pier, walked down the middle of the street in the wee hours of the morning singing ‘I’m a little tea pot’ because we could (no, we were not drinking, just being silly). We talked for hours on the phone even though we’d just spent the whole day together. We were friends of the heart and at that age, we never thought we’d lose each other.

I’m a little older now, wiser and realize that as we grow, so does our needs, wants etc. Sometimes we outgrow friendships, and that’s okay – because it means we’re growing. Sometimes we have friends who come into our lives for a reason, and then they leave. The level of friendship might change…from close to distant, from distant to close, from BFF to non-existent … but that’s okay.

I now have a group of friends that I can see myself with until I grow old, need to use a can and wear purple lounge pants. These are girls from my ‘heart’. They know me, get me, understand me and love me all the more.

I hope that we will grow old together, that we will be there for each other in all walks of life … to support one another through all the times – good and bad.

Without girlfriends in our lives, we become very sad women. Women were created to have girlfriends … it fulfills a deep inner need within us, something that men/husbands/children/parents can’t fulfill. We need someone to share ourselves with in ways only another girl would understand.

I’m very thankful for my girlfriends. I’m sure you are too! Tell me about them…those girls who mean so much to you! I’d love to hear it!

Starting tomorrow I’ll be joining in with a few girlfriends to celebrate the women in our lives – whether they be grandmothers, mothers, siblings, friends, etc.

Be sure to come back tomorrow!  Like myself, they are writers with wonderful books that speak to a girl’s heart. Plus … we all have goodies to share!