I’ve had a fairy godmother – haven’t you?

Actually I’ve had several – in every stage of my life. Without them, I don’t think I’d be the woman I am today.

My fairy godmothers were all older woman who took me in – as an emerging teenager, as a young woman, as a new wife, a young mother, as a pastor’s wife, and lately as a woman learning who she is.

I love these woman. They will all hold an extra special place in my heart. I met one through my mother – she’s my mom’s BFF. Another was my own BFF’s mom (I used to call her for help when I got stuck on a recipe … if I didn’t have any vegetable shorting could I use butter? One was a pastor who understood the transition I was going through becoming a pastor’s wife where another was a mother who saw me floundering with my young child. One has become a dear friend who doesn’t let me get away with the ‘easy’ answers and holds me accountable as I learn who I am as a woman and where I am going in my life.

Each woman has made an impact on my life. They’ve helped to mold me into the woman I’ve become. I’m a better baker thanks to Mrs. Moses’ advice. I’ve learned to laugh amidst the tragedy thanks to Gail ( who also fixed my wedding dress mere weeks before my wedding). I realized that I need to be my own person without wearing a mask to please others thanks to Marilyn, a very strong woman of God. I am a stronger, kinder, more forgiving mother thanks to Judy and I’m a wiser woman, who is willing to look deep inside myself and accept my strengths and weaknesses thanks to Louise.

I’m blessed to have my own special ‘fairy godmothers’. No, they don’t have a magical wand to change my life for the better – instead they have large hearts full of love that has changed not only my life but the life of others around me.

Tell me – do you have a fairy godmother in your life? Is there someone you want to ‘love’ upon right now? I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below to win a basket of chocolates! PLUS…to help celebrate that fairy godmother in your life – I’d love to send her a little something as well.

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