I’ve been asked this a few times, so I thought I’d put it up here for everyone to read as well.

February 26th a new version of Finding Emma was uploaded by Amazon Publishing! It’s been an exciting journey for me in these past 6 months (well, to be honest, it’s been an awesome year) and I want to thank everyone for going on this journey with me.

My self-published copy of Finding Emma is no longer available on Amazon or through CreateSpace, but Amazon’s beautiful copy is! Have you seen the cover? It’s beautiful, isn’t it! Here’s the two copies side by side – so different!

SteenaHolmes_FindingEmma_HR   High resolution book cover Finding Emma

I will admit I cried the first time I saw their copy. It brought such a different feel to the book and was a bit hard for me to let go (control issues, anyone? LOL). But I have to admit … I love the new cover. I think it ‘fits’ better. Don’t you?

So what’s the difference between the two books?

Well – first, there is the cover.

Then there’s the fact that they both have a new ISBN – meaning they are two separate books. You will be unable to upload a new version of Finding Emma because it is a different book.

There has been slight editing – the story is tighter, some words were changed/corrected. But the story is the same. No storylines were added, nor were any erased. It is the same story you all loved, just professionally edited.

Do I need to buy a new copy or request an uploaded version from Amazon?

Not really. I’d rather you spent your money on new books by some fabulous authors 😉 Here’s a list of some authors I think you might enjoy … (there are all ones I’ve enjoyed recently and you all know how much I love to share my books).

Family Ties – Louise Behiel
Breaking the Silence – Diane Chamberlain
Don’t Let Me Go – Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge – Christine Nofli
Three Sisters – Susan Mallery
Sex, Spies and Photographs – Wicked Way Interactive 1 – Daire St. Denis (warning…HOT, HOT, HOT! and choose your own adventure…but for adults. LOVED this book.)

Your turn … do you have any books you would recommend?