Have you ever found yourself stressing over the tiniest of issues that normally wouldn’t set you off?

Like having a box full of flavored hot chocolate mixes but the one you MUST HAVE is all gone? (even though there are 20 other packets of the other kinds left?)

Or having a basket full of hand cream but the one you want is missing and you tear the house apart looking for it?

Or when your printer decides it no longer wants to ‘communicate’ with your computer and the one printer cable you need is not where you KNOW you last placed it? So you tear your house apart looking for this cord out of a million other ones, rush to the store to buy a new one only to find the one you were originally looking for the minute you tear the new package apart and plug the new cord in?

Right now – stressing over the little things seems to be my way of life. Maybe it’s because I have some big stresses my way (deadlines, big trips, more deadlines and a huge household change) and I know that if I focus on the big issues, I’ll lose it. Like drink a bottle of wine a day, gorge on a box of chocolates a day and eat poutine for lunch five days a week type of lose it.

Ever felt that way? (please please tell me I’m not the only crazy one around here!!)

It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally learning to recognize my stress cues. And while I don’t have any easy answers on how to NOT be stressed (is there a magic pill, a secret word, anything??) I have figured out how to channel my energy into stresses that I can manage. Does that even make sense or am I trying to justify my erratic behaviour?

For instance … I have a BIG TRIP coming up! I’m very excited about it. I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at the Digital Minds Conference – part of the London Book Fair – in April. It’s a huge honor and an adventure that I couldn’t pass up – even though it’s right smack dab in the middle of a deadline. And … instead of going for only the conference, I stretched my trip to an 11 day adventure where I am going to see London, Paris and take a train to Germany! I am going with a good friend of mine who will keep me sane plus encourage me to indulge in my love of pastries and ‘bain au chocolat’. Exciting – right!

But … what am I going to pack? What am I going to wear? Do I have the right type of shoes to be walking around Paris in? Can I learn how to take photos on my camera that won’t come out blurry? I still have two months to figure all this out … but still…it’s all I can do NOT to run out and buy a carry-on bag that will hold my laptop and anything else I need, plus not be too bulky and easy to walk around with (I don’t want hurting shoulders)….see my dilemma? No? Neither does anyone else. (Sigh – pass the chocolate please).

So…here is my warning to you.

Get ready. Over the upcoming 60 days, be prepared to see posts about chocolate croissants and Paris in Spring and anything else that I might be focusing on instead of writing 😉 (yes, yes, I’ll still be writing…trust me. Are you following my new Pinterest board for my new story? Each time I add a new picture means I’m at a new scene…see, I’m writing)

Plus … this month there is a boat load of changes about to occur around here and it’s all so very exciting!