I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me in my desire to support the Missing Children’s Society of Canada.

I know that I said that 50% of my proceeds from each paperback copy sold would go towards this charity, but instead I was able to donate more than that. It’s still such a small amount – $440 but it’s more than I anticipated. If you would like to donate yourself, please visit www.mcsc.ca/donate and help reunite families!

MCSC LOGO - new version - Sept 2010

Back in March when I first released Finding Emma my goal was to donate at least $200. Thanks to you, we were able to double that. I’m excited to see what will happen once Amazon takes over Finding Emma starting February 26th. I will still be donating proceeds from each paperback copy sold and I would love if we could reach $1000-$2000. Do you think we can?

I think so!

Finding Emma has been re-edited and a new cover has been created. I love the look. It’s different than what I have now, but it will reach a broader audience thanks to their amazing help! What do you think?

Today I was able to send in another donation and this was the message I received:

“In 2012 we were able to help over 200 families with the aid of big-hearted donors like you. Those families will no longer have to wonder what happened to their child and will be able to move forward into 2013 together.”

I don’t know about you, but this brought tears to my eyes!

From the bottom of my heart – thank you for helping me to support this charity. Together, as partners (you and I) we are able to make a difference.