It’s easy, especially in this holiday season, to forget what it’s all about. Life. The holiday. Why we celebrate.

It’s not about making sure you buy the right gift for the right person, or stressing because you don’t have the money to buy gifts this year. It’s not even about all the holiday parties or putting up the Christmas tree or anything else really. Whether you believe in Santa or Jesus…it doesn’t matter.

It’s about love and to be honest, I can’t think of anything better than loving a child and celebrating that love this holiday season.

My heart aches when I think that there are parents out there today who have to say goodbye to a child they loved because of someone elses hateful actions. Tears fill my eyes when I think about the strength the parents need to find today as the funerals of two small children are being held – of the strength that might not be there and shouldn’t have to be there – not today.

It’s so easy to forget sometimes, to show this love that we have. We say I love you all the time, but when was the last time you actually thought about saying it before you said it? When was the last time you hugged a child and were humbled by their love? I have no doubt, that this past weekend, so many parents did exactly that. I know I did.

This morning I was taught a lesson about love from my middle daughter. It’s a cute story – in a way. My daughter has a tendency to find ‘stray’ animals – cats especially – and because she has such a soft heart, she tries to adopt them. My oldest is allergic to cats and my husband is not a cat lover … so she knows that the likelihood of us keeping one of the many cats she tries to bring home is … oh about 0%. Yet she still tries.  It all started when she rescued 2 cats in a carrier – who ended up being sick. Then she found 2 strays in the back alley – she played with them all day, fed them and then hid them in a box overnight hoping we wouldn’t find them.

This morning (or possibly last night), she found a kitten outside and decided to play “Santa’s Helper”. She decorated a box, wrote a sweet letter from the North Pole and waited until her sisters were awake to announce the gift. Except, she mad

e sure it was her sisters who found the box and got them all excited about the fact Santa brought us a kitten a week before Christmas (sneaky thing, isn’t she?)

Unfortunately, we’re not keeping the cat. But I couldn’t stop the tears when I hugged my daughter and heard her tell me that all she wanted to do was make me happy and give me a kitten. I’ll admit to squeezing her a little tighter after that. She has such a big heart and while I know she wanted that cat for herself, the fact she thought of me as well means a lot.

Sometimes, as adults, we forget that love is simple. It’s a simple act ~ whether a word or an action. Giving a hug, looking someone in the eye and saying I love you, understanding what their needs are and meeting them – even if it’s something that doesn’t come natural to you. Love is not only a decision but an attitude.

I’ve rambled…do me a favor today – go hug your little ones or big ones or someone else who is close to you (but not a child who is a stranger, cause that might freak their mother out). Without worrying about anything else, just love someone today. And say a prayer for those families who lost a little one recently – they need all the love we can give them right now.


I’ve decided to stop the Cookie Exchange early … a week before christmas, was I crazy in thinking I could do 4 weeks? LOL. Congratulations to Patricia Sands, Virginia Horton and Cindy Masterson-Roth for winning last weeks prizes!!! Ladies, please email me so I can get your mailing address and emails!