When you think gingerbread cookies … do you immediately think of that cute little guy from Shrek or does the taste of your grandmother’s cookies have you running to the cupboards to see if you have molasses? (or like me … you run to the bakery and pray they have homemade gingerbread cookies so I don’t have to make them?)

But … when going through the many books of cookie recipes, I came across this one. Now … I’m not going to lie…the likelihood of me making these this week is very low but I’ll see if maybe Mickey can make some for me (or should I be asking Minnie?? or maybe both?)

I think I’ve only made gingerbread cookies once or twice. Hmmm…do you have any secret tips to making these? Do you have a favorite stencil maybe? Or a secret ingredient? Share below … and share a recipe (and that gives you 2 changes to win some cool prizes this week!)


Now for the prizes … these are pretty sweet if I do say so myself … 

Gingerbread Recipe Kindle Book
Crazy About Cookies
$5 Amazon Gift Card

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