I always cringe a little when I hear that someone has to eat gluten free. I automatically think about all the wonderful recipes and foods that I love and I know I’d hate to have to change my eating patterns so drastically. A few years ago I worked with a nutritionist and we tried a lot of different recipes using various flours – almond, coconut, rice, potato…and while I fell in love with almond and coconut flour … the rest not so much. I found it really hard to find recipes that tasted good.

But … today, gluten free is everywhere and there are so many recipe books, websites etc … that when I read Louise Behiel’s comment about gluten-free shortbread, I knew I had to find a recipe and share it! And I have 🙂 (Louise, this is just for you!)


I found this website – Serious Eats – and not only do they share the above recipe, but they give tips for making shortbread – and amazingly enough – these tips are different than if you were making regular shortbread (I’ll share those tips on Friday).

For instance … don’t over mix, you can re-roll and it’s okay if these have a sandy texture. Check out the website for a full list of tips and more.

Now … Monday’s post has some fabulous recipes … and when this is all said and done, I plan on placing all these recipes in one easy spot to find … but so far no one has entered my contest. I’m thinking it’s either because I haven’t offered up any chocolate or  you just don’t like the prizes … but just in case, here’s the link again.  Who knows … maybe next week I’ll have chocolate in the mix! 

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