‘Tis the Season … for Cookie Exchanges!

Let’s start a tradition, shall we? I love anything to do with Christmas … especially when it comes to baking.

Join me in my First Annual Virtual Cookie Party! It’ll be a blast – pinkie promise.

Beginning Monday November 26th we’ll do a month long party where we can share recipes and photos and you can all win prizes!

What kind of prizes? Oh you know, the good kinds! The ones having to do with recipes, baking, christmas, chocolate … that kind of prizes! Think cookie cutters, cookie recipe books, magazine subscriptions etc….

Each week you’ll have a chance to win – I’ll make it real easy for you, I promise. Every Monday I’ll post what the prize is along with a new recipe idea. One week can be short bread, another sugar cookies … that kind of ideas. I’ll post my favorite recipe for the week and you post yours … imagine how many recipes you can get each week! (and the amount of sugar, flour, eggs you’ll need to buy each week as you try them out…)

I’ll be sure to leave lots of ways for you to win … so what do you think? Are you in?