By now, you all should know that I’m a huge supporter of self-published authors. Especially those who show that their readers are important to them and they put up books that show this (ie. edited etc).

I have the pleasure of knowing one such author. She’s the ‘cat’s meow’ as far as I’m concerned and I’ll gladly share my chocolate with her any day 🙂

Her current release … Earth Tones – Elemental Magic Book Three is now available on Amazon. Check it out 🙂 Below we have something fun to share with you – an off the wall interview about oh … you know, writing, treats and more.

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About Writing:

What do you like about self-publishing? I like maintaining creative control and I like setting my own work schedule. My day job fluctuates in hours, so there are certain seasons when I’m swamped and seasons when I have lots of time to write. (I strongly suspect there’s more to SP that you like but there’s not enough space to write it … right?)

What do you not like about it? The marketing, lol. I’m not very creative in that area, and I’d rather be writing. (I hear you girl, I hear you!)

Music or silence? Silence while writing. But lately while driving I’ve been playing one song on repeat that’s inspiring scenes for my current work. (I’m a silence girl too! See how alike we are! LOL)


Tell us about the main character. Nita Young is an earth elemental. She lives in Yakutat, Alaska where she works as the town’s veterinarian. Her job is to take care of the animals and land, but she also enjoys helping human patients at the health clinic. She has two Husky dogs, Puck and Lakota, and enjoys pottery in her spare time. She could use her earth wielding to make sculptures, but prefers to use the wheel and tools. As she would say, “otherwise it’s just elemental magic, not art.”

What piece of mythology did you use this time? Since Nita is Native American, I wanted to play with a Native American tradition. I also knew I wanted it to be some kind of cat. Thus, I found the mishupishu, or underwater panther. I used a lot from the legend, such as its scales, spiked tail, and horns, though took a little creative liberty modifying them.

What was your favorite part of writing this book? I had a lot of fun getting to know this new protagonist. Nita is much more laid back and thoughtful than Aileen from the first two Elemental Magic books. Oh, and using earth wielding in fight scenes was fun too.


We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most? Oh, so many. Every time I see a commercial for french fries, or an Arby’s sandwich…but I haven’t given in yet! (I can safely admit I’ve never had nor will I ever have an Arby’s sandwich. LOL)

What is the geekiest thing about you? I could probably recite the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. (SWEET!!! We have those movies and LOVE them! I can’t wait to see The Hobbit!)

We all have favorite books, ones we nag our friends to read, buy our loved ones as gifts, and the biggy, the books we read over and over again. What books have you read more than twice? When I was in elementary school, I read the Baby Sitter’s Club, its spin-off the Little Sister series, and the Animorph series about three times each. But I wouldn’t recommend those now, lol. Actually, my all-time favorite book, the one I’d want on a desert island, is a nonfiction book by A. W. Tozer: The Pursuit of God. I read that book over and over. (I grew up on the Baby Sitter’s Club series!)


What’s your favorite sweet food? Peanut butter chip almond cookies. Low-carb, gluten-free yumminess. (Angela…I’m shaking my head at you right now … what happened to the chocolate??)

What would you like your tombstone to say? This is from a Hallmark type magnet my best friend gave me: “She dreamed of mermaids and motorcycles and meeting a man who can dance.”  (And is it true? Did you meet a man who can dance? I already know you dream of mermaids and motorcycles..LOL)

What mad ass survival skill do you have? I’m immune to poison oak. LOL. So theoretically, I could escape slaughter by fleeing through a patch of it. But considering everything else I’m allergic to, I’m sure something would get me fairly quick. Probably a bee. (Bees scare me. Seriously…remind me to tell you about that phobia of mine one day.)

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