“You’ve got to dream big things to accomplish great things…”

How big are your dreams right now? You know, those dreams of writing THAT book that makes it on the Oprah list or the NY Times list. Or being able to make THAT much money that you can buy your dream home, dream cottage and throw in a new boat, truck or trip in the mix as well. Or maybe you dream of touching lives with your words, of saving the life of a teenager who is contemplating taking their life, or inspiring someone to change their life by just being you.

Whatever it is your dreaming, is it big enough? If you’re like me in any way, probably not. You probably have an idea of what your BIG dream would look like but even while you think it, there’s a niggling seed of doubt that it would ever come true. So you downgrade that dream into something else, something less awesome, less jaw dropping and make it more manageable. That’s what I do. I tend to lower my expectations so that I don’t
end up disappointed. It’s one of my worst flaws – especially since it do it with everything in my life.

How do you dream big?

The problem with not dreaming big enough is that you’re going to have to change your expectations every time you meet your small goal. For instance … you dream of actually finishing that novel that you’ve spent a lifetime writing. Awesome. But what about when you actually finish it? Time to dream again. So you dream about getting published. But what does that dream look like? Does it include an agent/publisher or does it mean self publishing? Either way – if it’s a dream you work had enough at – you’ll see it come true. Which means having to dream again. But now what? You’ve finished the book you’ve spent years agonizing over and it’s now published…where do you go from there? Do you go back to your original dream of writing another book and seeing it published or do you press on and go forward in your goals?

Now, I’m not the type of person who likes to look too far in the future. I prefer to be realistic, take stock of my life right now and make the best of it. If I do look into the future I tend to get lost in it – meaning, that’s all I focus on, that’s all I can think about and I lose sight of what is happening to me right now. So I tend to not dream big and that’s not always good. Because when my dreams do come true I go in this ‘zone’ of not knowing what the next steps are. I flounder – and we all know that floundering is not a good thing.

Creating that BIG dream means stepping out of your comfort zone

So now what? I’m going to level with you – I’m not a big ‘stepping out of comfort zone’ type of gal. I like to know what steps I have to take, what those steps will look like and what it’s going to take to not only get me there but what I’m expected to do afterwards. I think that means I’m a bit of a control freak (there, I said it). But, and this is something I’m discovering and I walk this path I’m on, when I try to retain too much control, I lose sight of the big picture and I lose opportunities for bigger and brighter things. Sometimes it’s okay to be blindfolded and let someone else guide you. (I’m picturing entering a fudge shop and taste testing a variety of fudge that I may or may not like while being blindfolded …. not sure how I feel about that right now…).

So … what about you? Are you dreaming big enough? If you are … how did you get there and what made you realize you’re doing it? And if you’re like me and not dreaming big enough but you have to start and the thought has you heading to that secret stash of chocolates you just purchased and didn’t plan on eating for a long while cause you thought you had a handle on this type of stuff…what do you do? How do you handle it?