Strong Men = Strong Fathers.

I should know. I was raised by one and I am married to one. As a girl, a daughter, a woman, a wife and a mother, it’s always been a requirement to be led by a strong man. I’m not meaning physical strength, although the bulging biceps do help when our little legs get tired or we need help carrying boxes when we are moving. I’m talking about mental and emotional strength. You know – the kind that hits us close to our hearts.

My father is a strong man. He might be tall and skinny, and yes, I might be a little miffed that he didn’t pass those genes on to me, but he has the strength of Samson and Goliath combined. Family was always to him. Always. I really don’t remember a time when my dad was ever really selfish and thought only of himself. Sure, he liked to buy toys and tinker with them (his old barn/shed was filled with things that machines he was always trying to make work) but he never put that above ensuring our family was happy, safe and secure. My dad is a truck driver, which meant long hauls and little family time. But it’s what he did to support us. Whenever he could he’d be home, taking care of the house and spending time with us. When I think of my dad, I remember the way he’d put his arms around me and hug me, the way he’d tease me to put a smile on my face, the way he’d listen to me chatter and say the occasional ‘uh huh’ while he was lost inside the motor of a pick up truck.

Because I have such a strong father, I know I wanted that in my husband. And God has blessed me – with more than I could ever have hoped for. I remember writing a list of the top 10 things I wanted in a husband. I have to say, I got that and more. I have a strong man who knows when I need him to bend and when I need him to bend me – I tend to be a tad bit stubborn at times. I have a man who loves me unconditionally even when I don’t always deserve it. He knows how to fix my car and how to calm me down when I’m stuck on the side of the room with three small children when my fan belt has snapped again. He knows how to unclog the drains due to the disgusting amount of hair that is shed between myself and our three girls when we’re washing our hair. He builds things for us that won’t fall apart and knows how to laugh at himself when he makes mistakes.

Because he’s such a strong man, he’s an even stronger father. With three daughters – he needs to be. He also needs to be a tad bit scary – especially when these girls grow and have boys trailing after them! The love he has for our daughters amazes me and humbles me, because it often outshines my love for my daughters. But that’s okay I think – because they need that. I need that.

I know I’m a strong woman at heart. I have my mother to thank for that. But not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to have an even stronger man in my life.

Happy Father’s Day!