As a writer, they can be the frosting on the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted or they can be plate of liver and onions that I refuse to eat much less look at – yet always find myself sneaking glimpses.

As a reader, they can be a lifeline when deciding what book to read or not to read. They are always taken with a grain of salt knowing not everyone has the same tastes. I may be in the mood of a spicy romance and see reviews where the reader disagreed with the amount of spice …

I treasure my reviews – good or bad. While my palms might get sweaty and my stomach queasy while reading the bad reviews – I used them to become as stronger writer. And the good reviews – lets just say I get quite teary-eyed every single time.

But … there are times when a review is more than just a review – and that time is now for me. Finding Emma is a story about two mothers – both trying to find their lost children but in different ways. My dream was to maybe help families out there just be a little bit more aware of their children, to hold them close and offer hope. I never expected to be touched by a family who understands the pain of having a child kidnapped.

It amazes me how much our heart can swell with emotion when we listen to one another’s stories. As a writer, we sometimes forget to take our eyes off of our story and look at those who are reading it.

Today’s stop during the Scavenger Hunt is more than just a review site. It’s about a woman, a family, who went through an unspeakable pain yet has such a beautiful heart. I’m excited to get to know Lisa M. Buske. Just from the emails we’ve exchanges, she has a beautiful spirit. One day soon I’ll have her on my blog so that you can get to know her as well!