There is something thrilling about the flashes of lightning as it lights up the sky and the shaking sound of thunder as it rocks the house. One fond memory I have growing up is sitting on the back porch of my childhood home and watching the sky light up with silvered forks in the distance.

Growing up close to Lake Huron, lightning storms during the summer months was a regular occurrence. My mom and I would sit out on the white wicker chairs with coffee (when I was older) and marvel at how amazing God was during the storms. The best sleeps for me was during a rainstorm. Listening to the cascading water fall just outside my window was like a lullaby. It still is – most nights.

Except for last night.

My husband and I sat in our bed with the curtains open as we watched the outdoor display of lightning fill the sky. We would count the seconds before the thunder boomed and I even jumped a few times as it seemed like the storm was directly over our heads. My girls all woke up and my youngest came rushing into our room to see
if we were okay – that makes me smile 😉 Our dog was a nervous wreck in our living room – she’s terribly afraid of storms and tries to hide  – the poor thing.

I always think back to sitting out on the back porch at night watching the lightning with my mom whenever there is a storm. That’s one childhood memory I will always hold dear.

What about you? Did you like storms as a child? Did you used to hide under the bed or brave the weather and marvel at the beauty that surrounded you?

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