Warm summer nights, lights and spinning wheels, laughter, candy and games—it’s carnival time! The best memories of any carnival or fair are the prizes won at the game booths.
Ready to play?

We’re on the hunt for all things related to carnivals. 

I love scavenger hunts, so what better way than to kick off a month long blog tour with
Wow-Women on Writing! then with my very own scavenger hunt for Finding Emma?

At each stop along the Finding Emma tour (complete blog list is on my Scavenger Hunt page) there are clues. These might be words hidden in a guest post or a “word for the day” at the bottom of a book review. Each time you find a word submit it on the Scavenger Hunt page. And today – to help get things going – anything you find in this post, on the official kick off page on Wow-Women on Writing on on my Facebook page!

For even more fun, visit my  Carnival Board on Pinterest.

I love the Carnival. Come see pictures of favorite memories of summer fun and fairs and pin up some of your own! (Hint . . . the pics will give you a clue to the word for the day)

Come on, let’s go!

 Each entry equals one ticket to win.

Please enter only one “clue” per entry. Each entry earns another chance to win.