Just before I go to make some coffee (and it’s a must have for today – a beautiful May day with rain!) I wanted to let you all know of a  few things.

Today I officially declare it okay to be greedy!

First up – Brenda Novak’s auction starts today! Exciting times for both readers, writers and the charity! This is her 8th year – I hope she exceeds all her previous years! Have you checked out what’s available? You should! There’s a few things I want to snag. I also have three items up for auction this year. You can check them out here.

Plus – a free book. I know our kindles are loaded with books, but seriously, can you ever have too many? Of course not! Cabin Fever is up for free today – normally $2.99. Pick it up if you haven’t already and enjoy it! I had some fun writing this story!


Happy May Day! Once that coffee brews, I’m going to be knee deep in my new story that I’m starting today – Emma’s Secret! I can’t wait!